PPd Software Features

Warehouse Management

Stock Management

Manage stock across multiple warehouses

Multi SKU Per Product

Ideal for graded and refurbished product where the same SKU would have multiple variations.

Multi Warehouse

Manage multiple warehouses within one dashboard.

Mixed Locations

Mix product in locations. This helps maximise efficiency and warehouse space.

Stock Take

Through our PDA scanner, stock take locations and report on discrepancies.

Serial Number Tracking

Track serial numbers through the warehouse.

Goods In Management

Pre-Advice Purchase Orders

Build pre-advise slips to compare inbound stock to ordered and report on discrepancies.

Batch Numbers

Book product in by batch numbers.

Campaign Management

Create campaigns for inbound stock to track performance.

Perishable Goods

Specify perishable goods dates for stock management and picking orders.

Purchase Order Costings

Work out purchase costs and selling costs per purchase order.

PO Match Up

Match up expected stock to booked in stock per purchase order.

Picking & Despatch

Pick Per Warehouse

When multiple warehouses are setup, PPd allows the user to select the warehouse to pick and despatch from.

Bounce Picks

Option to bounce picks to supervisor if an issue is found allowing the user to continue.

Picking Queues

Picks can be batched by high locations and low locations to ensure the user can access the product.

Flow Pick

Scan a nearby location to find picks close by.

Area Pick

Specify the area of the warehouse you wish to pick from.

Priority Pick

Meet KPI’s by using priority pick to display the most urgent picks.

Warehouse Managament Features



Stock Management
Multiple EAN’s per product